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About Us

Dazzleedu Co., Ltd. has developed board games and contents for
software education. Board game education company that distributes
domestically and overseas. Board game is very useful to use as a medium
of experience and play education because it is based on the structural
characteristic of 'problem solving'.

Based on the comprehensive educational goal of 'promoting problem
solving (thinking ability)', Dazzleedu's board game focuses on more
specific and clear educational areas such as CT thinking ability,
sociability, geography , culture, ecology, and personality.
This educational board game is developed (and distributed).

CT(Computational Thinking) Board Game

Unplugged Coding Board Game for Computational Thinking

Increase computing thinking through
the unplugged coding experience

  • Purpose of Coding Education

    It is not intended to be a computer technician or scientist, but to teach the skills of thought to solve problems in all real life areas simply and efficiently.
  • What is Unplugged Coding?

    It is an educational method to learn the concept of coding through play and experience without a computer. It is suitable for children of elementary school to elementary school level.

Time-based learning method of coding education

    • Physical computing tools

      Program creative ideas
      for problem solving

    • Educational
      programming language

      Acquisition of coding technology to perform computing project

    • Unplugged Coding

      Understand the basic concepts and principles of computer science for software development

    • Apply and extend

      Coding at the level of real life
      High school level

    • Master the skills of coding

      Coding in Computer Language
      Middle school level

    • Learning the concept of coding

      Hands-on coding experience Primary school level

  • ATC(Association of Teachers for Computing)
    recommended unplugged coding educational
    board game!

Composition of Computational Thinking Skills

Dazzleedu CT board game was developed in accordance with the elements of computational thinking skills proposed by CSTA.

Elements of Computational Thinking Concept


Data Collection Ability to collect data related to the problem to be solved
Data Analysis Ability to draw conclusions through various analysis of collected data and information
Data Representation Ability to organize collected and analyzed data in an appropriate way
Problem Decomposition Ability to break down the problem into smaller units that can be solved
Abstraction Ability to identify and simplify the key elements needed for problem solving
Algorithm Ability to organize a set of processes to solve a problem or achieve a goal


Automation Ability to express solutions in a form that computing systems can leverage using a variety of tools
Parallelization The ability to organize resources so that they can work simultaneously to achieve their goals
Simulation Ability to develop and run models created to solve problems as a result of automation


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